Parasurameswara Temple,Bhubaneswar

Parasurameswara Temple


About the Temple

Built in the 7th Century AD during the reign of the Shailodbhava dynasty is one of the oldest and best preserved temples in the city. The temple, one can say it was built when the Kalingan Architecture was in its infancy. One can see the influence of the Nagara style of architecture (prevalent in North India) in the architectural composition of the temple.  It is believed to be the first temple during the formative years of Kalingan Architecture that has a Jagamohana (Entrance hall). The crude joining of the Jagamohana with the “deula”(sanctum sanctorum) denotes of a craft with newly acquired skill set.

The temple derives its name from the penance of Parasuram and the grace of Lord Shiva, who is worshiped as Parasurameswar.

The interesting feature of the temple is the presence of the “Saptmatrikas”- who are always represented together. They represent the powers that bestowed on Shakti by various gods. In essence it indicates every woman who is a mother inherits the powers of Shakti. The Saptamatrikas are Brahmani (from Brahma), Vaishnavi (from Vishnu), Maheshi/Rudrani/Maheswari (from Shiva), Chamunda (from Devi), Kaumari (from warrior god Skanda), Indrani (from Indra) and Barahi (from Baraha).

The carvings of eight grahas (planets without ketu) at the entrance to the deula (The later temples have nava grahas (nine planets)) along with its “triratha” architectural plan and a jagamohana which is crudely joined with the deula indicates its antiquity.


During the month of Ashadha (June- July), Parasuramatami is observed in the temple where the image of Lingaraja is taken to the temple and a feast is organised.

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In And Around Lingaraj Temple

Bhubaneswar is known as the City of Temples, the old town part is dotted with many beautiful temples which are reminiscent of a glorious past. The Lingaraj Temple being the epitome. We have jotted down a few of the famous temples that showcase the heritage of the state.

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