Paramhans Sanathdev Temple,Cuttack

Paramhan Sanath Dev temple


About the Temple

Located approximately 7 KM from Nuabazaar, further ahead of the Panchamukhi Hanuman temple, this ancient temple believed to have been built by King Pratap Rudra Deva and the presiding deity is lord Shiva.
Little else is known about the temple, according to the priest, the Pandulipi (History book of the temple) which was in bronze leaflets was taken by a prominent historian for study and preservation purpose but never got returned.


Things to do
The temple is set along the banks of river Kathjodi makes for a beautiful early morning outing. The water tank of the temple houses a variety of water creatures from turtles to fish to serpents and the huge banyan and other trees attract a lot of beautiful species of native birds.



The well within the Temple complex is regarded as sacred. Its believed that the water in the well cures stomach related ailments.




Shivratri is celebrated with great fanfare at the temple.

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The millennium city is a city of milestones in Odisha’s history. The Buddhist heritage sites and the beauty of the catchment areas of Mahanadi are its chief attractions.

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