Nirmaljhar Temple, Khallikote

Intricate Interior carvings on the roof of Nirmaljhar temple


About the Temple

Nirmaljhar means Sacred Spring- This beautiful temple was built by Raja Aparajita Sri Balukeswar Mardaraj in the year 1676 of the Mardaraj dynasty. The temple was built at a time when the region had just come out of Mughal rule which lasted for two centuries. It was a way the King wanted to usher in a new era by converting his summer palace into a temple and throwing it open to public. Unlike other temple architecture in the state, the interiors of the Nirmaljhar temple are ornately carved along with the exteriors.  The exemplary craftsmanship and their departure from traditional school of Kalingan Architecture is what makes this temple so alluring and breathtaking.

The main deity if the temple is Goddess Vimala, besides the presiding deity, the temple complex has a Vishnu temple, Jagannath temple and the Surya temple.

The place derives its name from the perennial spring that forms two natural pool’s within the temple complex. The spring originates from the Marua hills of the Badaghati Mountains of the Eastern Ghats.

The entire temple complex is located within fortified walls a reminder of its conflict ridden past. The temple is designed along the lines of the myths and legends associated with the legend of river Ganga. So we find a statue of Lord Vishnu in front of a tank where the swirling water seemingly is goes down an outlet designed as a sage’s mouth. The mythological legend associated with this phenomenon is that sage Jahnu swallowed the flood from Lord Vishnu’s feet thus saving the earth from floods and allowed just a trickle to flow down as a stream which became river Ganga. Also prominent is the depiction of Mount Meru where of the mighty river flows out of Lake Mansarovar in small tributaries.


Nirmaljhar is located around 17 KM from Rambha on the outskirts of the entrance to Khallikote town.
Take the NH5 from Rambha towards Bhubaneswar as you cross the beautiful vantage point overlooking Chilika keep to the left after you cross the Indian Oil petrol pump after a couple of kilometers there is signboard of Odisha Tourism on the left pointing to Nirmaljhar Temple . From there it’s located at a distance of 6.5 KM on the state highway 30 ( SH 30).


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