Jagannath Temple, Khallikote

Jagannath Temple, Khallikote


About the Temple

The temple was completed over a period of seven generations of rulers of Ganjam. From historical evidence, it is believed that King Jagannath Mardaraja-I built the Mandapa around the middle of 17th Century AD and the temple was completed by his grandson King Jagannath Mardaraja-II in the last quarter of 18th Century AD.
The sprawling temple premise and beautifully carved images of lord Jagannath in various forms, along with him,Lord Krishna and idols of danseuse adorning the temple walls among other things, makes a visit to the temple a very pleasant experience.

As with any Jagannath Temple save for the Jagannath temple at Marada, Rath Yatra is the most prominent festival.


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In And Around Chilika

The resplendent lagoon encompasses many a beautiful spots within the lake and also around it. From beautiful architecture of the temples to the spectacular migrant avian species which make the lagoon their home during the winters, Chilika has a bit of everything. the joy of visiting the lagoon during the monsoons has a altogether different charm.

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