Budi Thakurani,Berhampur

Budi Thakurani


About the Temple

The Maa Budi Thakurani temple located at the big bazaar of the old town is arguably the most auspicious temple in the city- she is known as the Ista Devi (main deity) of the Silk City- Berhampur.
Originally worshipped buy the Dera community (community of weavers from Rajamuhendry who set up their bases in the silk city ages ago).The temple tradition is unique, the priests are barber by caste and devotees come from all walks of life.

The Mahuri Dynasty

Any reference about Maa Budi Thakurani and the Dera community is incomplete without a mention about the Mahuri dynasty. King Harihar Narayan Dev, who was instrumental in Dera’s of Rajamuhendry to migrate to Berhampur, when he was impressed by their silk weaving skills during his visit to Rajamuhendry and wanted to bring the craft to his kingdom, thus subconsciously the King actually left an imprint which became the identity of the city- Berhampur – the Silk City
Noted historian Shri. Pradeep Mohapatra opines that the name Mahuri is derived from the Musical Wind Instrument Mahuri- as the first King of the Mahuri dynasty – Sana Raja who was made king of the region between Rushikulya and Bahuda Rivers by King Purushottam Dev of the Gajapati dynasty- was fond of playing the instrument Mohuri and thus named his new kingdom after it.


Maa Budi Thakurani Yatra


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In And Around Berhampur

Berhampur serves as the base point to South Odisha. The spectacular eastern ghats, the pristine waters Bay of Bengal, the ethereal Chilika, magnificent temples and the beautiful culture make a symphony which is a feast to your senses.

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