Buddhanath Temple



About the Temple 

Buddhanath Temple located in Garedi Panchana Village is approximately 25 KM from Bhubaneswar and around 44 KM Cuttack. There is no historical record of the temple, It is believed that the temple was built by King Chodaganga Deva of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty around 12th Century AD.

Though the temple was built in the 12th Century AD, the site was in existence long before that. From the idols recovered from the site- it leaves little doubt that it was a Buddhist Monastery earlier, one of the gates in the sanctum of the temple has a date of 5th Century AD etched on it. Currently the presiding deity is Lord Shiva worshiped as Chandrashekhara . It is a patal linga – meaning the Shiva Linga is underground.



The temple is a beautiful piece of Kalingan Architecture with ornately carved walls.



Within the temple compound there is another temple dedicated to Goddess Amrutanayani. The three headed goddess is worshiped as Goddess Durga even though she doesn’t have the features associated with shakti like the trident etc. It is believed that at night if one enters the temple complex, one can see a lady sitting in the temple.



The deula (top of the temple) had collapsed and was recently renovated.


The village during ancient times, the village was a seat of Tantric Buddhism. According to legend, the village derived its name “Guni Garedi Panchana” when a Guni (person practicing tantra or witchcraft) stopped the king’s army from entering the village just by standing his ground with a Panchana (stick used for witchcraft).

The temple is revered in the area, locals believe a person bitten by a snake can be cured if he is brought to the temple and made to drink the water in which the Shiva linga is submerged.


Holi,Dussehra and Mahashivratri are the main festival observed in the temple. The Holi festival is celebrated as Shiva is worshiped as Harihara (Shiva & Vishnu) just like in Lingaraja Temple.

Important Information

There is no public transport to the place, so either one hires a cab or auto or best option is to take your own vehicle.

The roads apart from the odd rough patch and the landscape are beautiful & gives the essence of rural Odisha

However there are no public amenities like toilets, hotels etc. There are some shops selling snacks. So for a day long trip its better to make your own provision as far as food goes.

A temple priest Shri, Sunil Panda was of great help. He gave very insightful description of the temple’s history and how the temple has survived all these years despite neglect.



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Apart from the beautiful Chausathi Yogini temple, the Prachi Valley is an explorers delight. Concealed in this valley are some hidden gems of history that are an explorers delight. However its best to venture with a guide, as most of the place does not feature in the google map yet.

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