Biranchi Narayan Temple,Buguda

Biranchi Narayan Temple-The carvings on the beams


About the Temple

Famously called as the wooden Konark, this wooden masterpiece of temple architecture is dedicated to Biranchi Narayan – the Sun god. The temple was built by the Ghumusar King Srikar Bhanja after he ascended the throne in 1790.

The temple is built like a chariot drawn by seven horses. The exquisite wood carvings and paintings on the walls are the high points of the temple. One peculiar aspect of the temple is  that its West facing unlike other sun temples which are east facing. The temple is designed in such a way that the last ray of the sun falls on the temple.

Though the walls are made of lime and mortar the ceilings and facade are made of timber. The ornately carved wooden panels treated with vibrant colours is a treat for the eyes. Though the colours have dimmed with time but their resplendency still shines through.The stories epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and mythological anecdotes adorning the walls are depicted in such exemplary fashion that they seemingly come to life right in front of you.


The idol was found in the ruins of Malatigarh, legend goes that a shepherd stuck his foot on a metal plate, the villagers on digging up the area found a life size idol of the Sun God and brought it to Buguda. Subsequently the temple was built in which the Sun God known as Biranchi Narayan was consecrated.


Samba Dasami festival in the month of January is a big draw for locals here.


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In And Around Buguda

The magnificent Sun temple at Buguda, apart, the location of Pancha Mahadeva Temple at Buddhakhol is spectacular, perched on top of a hill with a waterfall just below.

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