Bhagabati Temple, Banapur

Bhagabati Temple entrance at Banapur


About the Temple

The presiding deity of this revered temple is Goddess Burga locally called as Bhagabati – the idol depicts eight armed Goddess and the chopped head of Mahisasura ( demon)
Maa Bhagavati is the presiding deity of Banapur. The present temple and the Jagamohana is believed to have been built by the Gajapati Maharaja of Puri.


Durga Puja – symbolising the victory of good over evil is the main festival and celebrated with great enthusiasm.

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In And Around Chilika

The resplendent lagoon encompasses many a beautiful spots within the lake and also around it. From beautiful architecture of the temples to the spectacular migrant avian species which make the lagoon their home during the winters, Chilika has a bit of everything. the joy of visiting the lagoon during the monsoons has a altogether different charm.

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