Bauli Matha, Puri

The well - supposedly dug by Guru Nanak- Bauli Math - Puri


About Bauli Matha

This nondescript matha- was witness to one of the most significant religious events of the country’s history. Guru Nanak during his visit to Puri stayed at this very place and the profound impact Lord Jagannath with his peculiar form had on him shaped the foundation of the Sikh religion. The well supposedly dug by Guru Nanak is still there and the place has an idol of Lord Jagannath just adjacent to the Gurudwara. Sikhs come to Bauli Matha to offer prayers to Guru Nanak.


It is believed that Lord Jagannath had appeared before Guru Nanak here and helped him to see things in a new light. Due to this short but significant event, Sikhs are allowed inside the temple premises of Lord Jagannath in Puri.
The well known as Dedhasur Bhai Bohu Kua- initially dug by Guru Nanak was a sweet water well until recently.

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In And Around Puri

Apart from the famous Jagannath Temple, Puri has several other interesting sites worth visiting including Loknath Temple,Jameswar Temple, Bauli Matha, Puri Sea Beach,Balukhand Sanctuary,Raghurajpur,Brahmagiri and Satpada to name just a few.

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