Baldev Jeu Temple, Buguda

Jagannath Temple at Buguda


About the Temple

Built by Harisaran Bhanja in the year 1680. The Jagannath Temple is called Baldev Jeu Temple in Buguda.
The temple is at the opposite end of the road to Biranchi Narayan Temple. Both the Biranchi Narayan and Baldev Jeu are built in such a way that devotees can watch the Aarti of both the temples if one stands mid way of the road connecting the two temples.

Legend of Lord Jagannath in Ganjam

The Jagannath cult in Ganjam is quite prevalent and each king or landlord built a Jagannath temple in their area. The reason being historians believe that Ganjam was the birth place of the Jagannath cult.
The original deity was ‘Kitungu” -(the Lord of the Woods)-worshipped by the Sabara Tribals in the hills of Mahendragiri. Later on Kitungu assumed the name of “Jagunta” before he became to be known as Lord Jagannath.


Rath Yatra is the main festival of the temple.


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In And Around Buguda

The magnificent Sun temple at Buguda, apart, the location of Pancha Mahadeva Temple at Buddhakhol is spectacular, perched on top of a hill with a waterfall just below.

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