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About the Temple

Located on the banks of river Baitarini at Aradi 37 Km from Bhadrak and 30 KM from Bhitarkanika National park, Baba Akhandalmani is one of the most revered temples of North Odisha, the Baba Akhandalmani Temple attracts thousands of devotees during the festivals and otherwise. Originally it was a wooden structure ( as per the certified copy of the Surveyor at that time which is possession of the Temple Authorities) which was renovated in the present concrete structure after 1839 AD by the then Queen of Kanika Rani Satyabhama Patadei wife of King Harihar Bhanjadeo. The entrance hall of the temple was built by noted sage Shri Darshan Shekhar Das.


As per the legend the original temple structure was constructed by a Zamindar by the name of Niladri Samar Singh Mohapatra some 350 odd years ago. One day a farmer of the Zamindar was tilling his land, when his spade hit a hard object, as his spade hit the object,  a gush of blood flowed from the cut inflicted by the spade hitting the object. Petrified the farmer ran to Niladri Samar Singh and informed him about the incident. When the Zamindar visited the spot he saw a plate of milk and prasad besides the object and the obect was shielded from the sun by a huge black cobra. On further digging the Shiva Linga was unearthed. Soon the word spread, the villagers and the Zamindar started worshiping the  Shiva Linga . Subsequently the Zamindar built a wooden temple and consecrated the lord.


Mahashivratri or the Jagara Mela as it is called & Bol Bom are the popular festivals which is observed at the temple

Important Information

The temple panda’s usually allocate a space in their homes (which are dotted along the way tot eh temple from the parking space) for the visitors to rest and serve them home cooked vegetarian food.

However if you just want a quick visit , it is advisable either you carry food provision or have it at Bhadrak.

The way to the temple is lined with small eateries selling local snacks , shops selling a variety of things from puja accompaniments to toys  and small temples which adds to the overall aura of visiting the temple.












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Apart from the Estuarian Crocodiles which is the major tourist attraction of the state, Kendrapada has lots to offer in terms of heritage and history

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