Konark Temple at night- pic by Debarpita Mohapatra

Konark – Owner of a timeless piece of Architecture

Today the name "Konark" implies the magnificent Sun Temple and its the very identity of this otherwise quaint town. However durign the ancient times Konark was a bustling port and a major economic hub of Kalinga.
The Puranas and other hindu religious texts, provide evidence that there was a sun temple that preceded the current one. It was a norm and practice those days to rebuild or replace an old temple so that the traditions are carried forward and preserved for future generations.

According to popular legend, Samba the son of Lord Krishna was inflicted with leprosy due to his father's curse. He prayed to the Sun God here in Konark and was cured of his disease. As a token of gratitude he built the original Sun Temple at Konark.

Konark is located 33KM from Puri and 64Km from Bhubaneswar and is home to the outrageously magnificent Sun Temple.

Sun Temple

Archaeological museum – established in 1968, the museum houses fallen structures and excavated artefacts from the sun temple. The museum is open from 9 am – 5 pm and the entry is free of cost.

For the adventure seekers - a visit to Kalinga Divers Association, located 8KM from Konark at Ramchandi Beach along the Puri Konark Marine Drive is a must. The camp is run by Mr. Sabbir Bux and specialises in host of activities like Sailing , Yachting, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving , Water Jet Skies to name a new. They also provide tented accommodation for over night stay and food.

Visit the links given below for detailed information on interesting places in and around Konark.

Konark- the town has limited options, however the marine drive from Puri to Konark is dotted with some very good options.

YatrinivasRun by OTDC, the restaurant offers decent food at a very reasonable rate
06758 236 820
Chandrabagha Wooden Restaurant run by OTDC offers a terrific ambiance to go with a good traditional odia cuisine
Address -Balukhand - Konark Wildlife Sanctuary, Puri-Konark Marine Dr, Odisha 752111
The restaurant is open from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm
Lotus Resort, Ramchandi- The proposition of having your lunch under the shade of casuarina tree overlooking the sea with the gentle sea breeze providing the right amount of cooling is very inviting and you add the lip smacking gourmet and its just perfect
Address -Konark-Puri Marine Drive Road, Po- Khalkatapatna, Konark, Odisha 752111
Phone: +91-90900 93464
Nature Resort - Very similar ambiance to Lotus Resort, the setting of the resort makes for a perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy the food.
Address- Puri-Konark Marine Dr, Khalakata, Konark, Odisha 752111
Phone: +91-95830 19642

The accommodation follows the fooding pattern in Konark

Yatrinivas-Run by OTDC, offers decent accommodation at a very reasonable rate
For bookings log onto the website - www.otdc.in
Check in time: - 11 am; Check out time – 12 noon
06758 236 820

Ramchandi beach has a couple of excellent resorts. Refer "Where to Stay" section of Ramchandi for more information

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Though Konark attracts tourists throughout the year and is a UNESCO world heritage site, try to avoid the summers as it’s very hot and humid.
Being in the same coastal belt as Puri- the weather pattern remains the same. The temple is open for visitors at 6 am till 8pm- The sight of the first sunrays falling on the temple is something to behold and its equally magnificent at night when the lights are switched on. It’s advisable to go to the temple before the tourist crowds arrive in flocks after 9am.
Nearest Railhead – Puri and the Nearest airport – Bhubaneswar
How to reach Konark – Konark forms the Golden triangle of the east along with Bhubaneswar & Puri. Taxi, Buses are available from Bhubaneswar to Konark. Apart from taxi & buses, jeeps and auto rickshaws are available from Puri to reach Konark.
The marine drive from Puri to Konark through the Balukhand sanctuary & Ramchandi is a drive to savor.
OTDC also operates conducted tour buses from Bhubaneswar to Puri, Konark &Dhauli. The fee is Rs.130/person.
Languages spoken – Odia, Hindi, English
The entry fee to the temple complex – Rs.30/ person for Indian tourists. For foreign tourists the entry fee – Rs.250/person. For children below the age of 15- the entry fee is exempted.
Hire a guide to take you around the sun temple for capture the essence of the magnificent temple.
Though the town has medical dispensary, the nearest health centre is Puri

In And Around Konark

The majestic Sun Temple just takes your breath away, hard to imagine what it would have been like, when it was made and had twenty two temples within its complex. Konark is like a ravishing beauty which engulfs you, if you are open to embrace it whole heartedly. We locate some of the places for you to enjoy your stay at Konark

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