Erstwhile administrative Office at Potagarh-pic by Sajal Sheth

Located approximately 25 KM from Rambha, Potagarh literally means “buried fort”. Potagarh was an important landmark of Ganjam and its earliest township, but the dilapidated site and lack of a guide make this place unworthy of a visit.Recently Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project (ICZMP) of Odisha and the state tourism department has also extended support to add up amenities at the spot. But it’s still a long way before it becomes a tourist stop over.
The history of Potagarh encompasses the history of Ganjam from the medieval period. The star shaped fort is located at the mouth of the Rushikulya River. The complex houses three forts which served as administrative offices during the Qutab Shahi (Rulers of Golconda), French and British era respectively.
What remains today are the ruins of what was once a very important seat of administration. One cant help but feel the absence of guide at this venue, which is otherwise just a stone and brick ancient ruin.
The confluence of Rushikulya with the Bay of Bengal however makes for a beautiful sight.


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