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Located 62 KM from Cuttack, Langudi is not part yet a part of the famous Buddhist Diamond Triangle. The site excavated was recently between 1996-2001 by State Culture Department holds the promise of being one of the most prominent Buddhist destinations of the state.
ASI took over the excavations in 2005. However since then, the site is yet to be excavated further. There is a strong indication that it might be the fabled Pushpagiri University site, as the tell tale signs match with the records of Huien T’Sang.
The study of the materials excavated from the site indicates that the site is between 2000- 2500 years old.
Located on a hilltop it offers a beautiful setting. There is a residence cum research centre for Buddhist students who come from as far as Arunachal Pradesh to do their research here.
People of the adjoining areas like Radhanagar, Tarapur etc continue to discover the Buddhist relics intermittently. Recently ASI and Odisha Tourism Department has shown a keen interest and excavations are going on around the area, the findings are an eye opener and may lead to fundamental changes in the history of Buddhist heritage in Odisha, but it needs to be substantiated first.
The leading luminary on the Buddhist cult of the region is Ex Principal of Jaraka College Shri.Nrusingha Charan Sahu.

The residence cum research centre for Buddhist students at Langudi

Important Information

However there is little on offer for tourist at the site currently apart from the very gentle climb up the hill where the ruins of the monastery is located.
If you plan to visit the site, at the base of the hill there is small hill, just be on the look out for some ASI personnel stationed there, they can provide some interesting information about the site and make your visit noteworthy.
It’s a nice secluded place and makes for a good outing with family especially during the winters, but pack your lunchboxes.
Chandikhole is the nearest town, its a busy junction with many small hotels. One can find ATM’s as wells as Petrol pumps there.
It’s recommended that if you plan to visit Langudi, do it on the way back if you have time, after visiting the Buddhist Diamond Triangle site’s of Lalitgiri, Udayagiri and Ratnagiri
Best option is to take your own vehicle or if Langudi is part of the conducted tour program of OTDC or the Tour Operators.


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