Ghodahado Dam


About the Dam

Located around 40 KM from Taptapani en route to Behrampur through Digapahandi. Ghodahada Literally meaning Horses Bones in Odia- there is a legend to this very queer name given to the place- once a king came on a visit to the place, while jumping over a canal; his horse fell and broke its bones, disgruntled the king named this place Ghodahada-the name has stuck around all this years. This beautiful reservoir surrounded by mountains from three sides is an important crocodile conservation centre. As per the latest census there are thirty nine muggers in the dam and sixteen more in the surrounding areas, making it a total of fifty five muggers in the area.
The dam was built over an ancient fort – the Vijaynagar Fort- the roof top of the submerged temple of the fort is visible and adds character to the dam.

Important Information

If you plan to visit Ghodahada Dam, do it while on the way to or back from Taptapani from Behrampur or Aska.
Nearest town is Digapahandi around 19KM from the dam. It has ATM’s and petrol pumps.
There are no shops or facilities in Ghodahada, so depending on how long you want to stay at the dam , purchase essential items that you feel you need from Digapahandi.


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