About Kuruma

Locally known as Kurum, it is a small village about 8 Km from Konark along the south east direction on the Konark – Kakatpur road. The site was first located by a school teacher Shri Brajabandhu Das and excavated by the Odisha State Archaeological department between 1971-1975.
Prior to the excavation a stone slab containing a beautiful statue of Lord Buddha in Bhumisparsa mudra was found at the bank of the water tank. Experts are of the opinion that it was one of the sites containing the Buddhist stupas as mentioned by the famous Chinese traveler Hiuen T’sang.

Important Information

The monastery has been long abandoned and is in ruins and is unkempt for with no proper signboards until you reach the site.
Visit Kuruma if you have time and if you can go only if you are interested in the popularity and history of Buddhism of the state and definitely not as a tourist
The narrow but well maintained village roads offers you an insight into the rural day to day life of Odisha.
There aren’t any shops or vendors for bottled drinking water or snacks. The shops are available at Kakatpur.
You would be well advised to fill up the fuel tank of your vehicle as well as draw cash from ATM’s at Konark, before heading towards Kuruma.


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