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About the Temple

Located in a quaint village of Pitapada is approximately 60 KM from Bhubaneswar. When we think of Odisha we think of beautiful temples made of sandstone. However the Angeswara temple differs from its more prominent co inhabitants, in the sense that its made of bricks. History assigns its origin to 10th Century AD during the reign of the Somavamsi rule in Odisha.

However the legend of the temple opines that the temple was built by the King of Anga ( a place in modern day Bihar) hence the name. The chief priest of the temple is Shri. Dibakar Dikshit who along with his three sons Shri. Digambar Dikshit, Shri Dilip Dikshit and Shri. Debender Dikshit conduct the rituals and the day to day affairs of the temple. The Dikshit family has been serving the patal Shiva Linga Angeswara the presiding deity of the temple, since generations. The title Dikshit is a clue that it might have been built by King of Anga, since the title is not associated with Odia’s.


As with most temples, there is a legend associated with the temple. Its believed that it was originally built by Karna when he was coronated as king of Anga by Duryodhana. The village got its name Pitapada- as the Pandavas performed the last rites of their ancestors. Hence its also called “Anga Tirtha” or “Pitru Tirtha”

The temple premises has another temple dedicated to Goddess Shakti and a museum which is more of a store house where priceless old idols of Chamunda, Shiva Parvati and others which have been recovered at the site has been kept.
















Once cant help but see the neglect that the Temple has been subjected too. Currently the Dikhsit family with help from the Government of Odisha and ASI run it. The temple also has around 7 acres of agricultural land which is its main source of sustenance.


Mahashivratri and Bada Osha are the main festival observed by the temple.

The Uttarayani Matha located near the temple is also a revered place. It is believed that one of the ‘Panchasakhas” Balaram Das attained enlightenment here.

Important Information

There is no public transport to the place, so either one hires a cab or auto or best option is to take your own vehicle.

The roads apart from the odd rough patch and the landscape are beautiful & gives the essence of rural Odisha

However there are no public amenities like toilets, hotels etc. There are shops at Niali which offer good decent meal at a budget. But dont expect normal hotel ambiance. There are some shops selling snacks along the way. So for a day long trip its better to make your own provision as far as food goes.

The Pitapada Village isn’t that far from Chaurasi Village where the Barahi Temple is located. So with proper planning once visit the Sun Temple at Konark, Barahi Temple and Angeswara Temple at Pitapada.

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