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About the Hotspring

Taptapani – meaning hot water in Odiya is located 84KM from Behrampur along the State Highway 17, this sleepy hamlet comprising of fifteen houses is home to one of the most revered natural phenomenon in the state. The hot spring- believed to posses medicinal properties, sees hundreds of people every day.
A temple stands on the perennial underground hot spring with a water tank which is channeled to separate smaller tanks which act as bathing areas for gents and ladies.
Apart from bathing in the hot sulphur spring ,for a tourist the site doesn’t hold much of an attraction other than a brief look around.
However the beauty of Taptapani lies in exploring the nearby areas, the mountains and the jungles are excellent for short trekking tours. The deer park – is an added attraction for children, the park has a playground with swings etc to keep the children entertained. One can see hers of Sambhar, Barking Deer and the Spotted Deer at the park.

Taptapani -Huge male Sambhar deer at deer park

Around Taptapani
Taptapani is not just about the hot spring. As mentioned Taptapani is all about exploring the beautiful hills of the Eastern Ghats and the Buddhist monasteries of Chandragiri.
Lakhari Valley Elephant Sanctuary – located just 20KM from the Taptapani Hot Spring along the route to Chandragiri. Designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1985, this tropical forest spread across 186 KM along the Eastern Ghat mountain ranges- is a strong hold of the Asian Elephants. It’s said that the population of the elephant at this sanctuary, is highest per density amongst all the national parks in the country. Besides the elephants, black bucks, sambhar, barking deer, sloth bear, leopard, wild boar, peacocks etc inhabit the forests.
Jeerang Monastery
Labarasingi Monastery
Khasada Falls
Ghodahado Dam


Where to Stay

The only option at Taptapani is the OTDC Panthanivas.
For bookings log onto the website –
Check out – 8 AM
Ph -06816-255031 / 211631
Please note sometimes the landline number given on the OTDC website doesn’t work. In such a situation call up the Bhubaneswar OTDC office – Ph-0674 243 0764 or Tourist Information Centre , Berhampur – 0680-2222980 and get the mobile or alternate number of the Manager of OTDC Taptapani

Important Information

The restaurant at OTDC serves good food. The fish items are very popular.
Apart from BSNL no other network works particularly in the OTDC Panthanivas area
The nearest medicine shop is at Luhagudi- around 6 KM from OTDC Panthanivas towards Chandragiri. However there is a dispensary also at Kamalapur which comes 1 KM before Lohagudi. There is a resident Medicine practitioner and in case of emergency medicines are also available there. However if you are suffering from specific ailments, its best to carry your own stuff.
Nearest ATM is at Luhagudi Chowk.
It best to travel with a full tank of fuel in your vehicle, in case of emergency you can fill up at Chandragiri.

For specific tourism related issues call the tourist information centre at Ganjam in Behrampur, office timing- 10 am to 6pm ( Saturday, Sunday closed)
Address – Hillpatna, Berhampur- 760005
Ph- 0680-2222980.
Email –


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In And Around Taptapani

Though the hot spring might not evoke an awe, what makes this place special is the surrounding areas. Which should make it to the to do list of an avid traveler.

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