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About Deulajhari

Located 90 KM from Angul in Athmalik district, Deulajhari is the ancient citadel of Shaivism. Deulajhari is a special natural phenomenon in the sense that the hot water spring originates from below a Shivalinga.
Siddheswar Baba ( Lord Shiva) is the presiding deity of Deulajhari. as per records the Siddheswar Baba temple which is the main temple of Deuljhari, was built by the King Kishore Chandra Deo of Kadamba Dynasty in the year 1936. Subsequently the other temples came up in the area in due course of time.
The other miracle of nature is the fact that almost half of the springs in the region are cold water springs which are attached to the hot springs. The hot water from the spring is collected into 36 man made ponds which circumscribe the Temple.
The waters of the Deulajhari hot spring is believed to contain medical properties, hence the place sees a lot of pilgrims coming here for curative purposes apart from religious interest.
Currently twenty-four springs are alive in Deulajhari. Among these Agnikunda, Taptakunda, Himakunda, Amrutakunda and Labakusakunda are the salient ones. The temperature of water in these springs varies from 40 degree Celsius to 62 degree Celsius.
The third unique thing of this hot spring is two ponds are attached with water flowing to each other, but one pond is having hot water and the other cold water.
The jasmine forest which surround the area makes a visit all the more pleasant.

It’s believed that Lord Rama, his wife Sita and brother Laxman visited Deulajhari and prayed to Lord Shiva during the course of their fourteen year exile.

The place is humming with activity through out the year. There are many festivals celebrated, some of the important one’s are:
Pana Sankranti- Odiya New Year usally falls in the month of April each year.
Sitalasasthi- the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati usually falls at the end of Summer season. The ritual is basically a plea to usher in the rainy season and get a reprieve from the scorching heat of the summers.
The Sitalasasthi ritual was started in Odisha some four hundred years ago in Sambalpur by King Ajit Singh of Chouhan dynasty around 1655 AD. soon it spread to other parts of the state.
Kartika Purnima – Usually observed on the first full moon day in the month of November. The month is considered the most auspicious month in the Odiya calendar year and witnesses a host of religious activities.
Makarsankranti- Popularly known as the kite flying festival held in the month of January.
Shivratri-Held in the month of February/March each year.


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The Industrial town is an important base point for gateways to Western Odisha. Angul does have a few interesting places of it own. The Deulajhari hot spring and Northern Satkosia- Tikarpara being the most visited tourist destinations in this part of Odisha

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