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About Dasaswamedha Ghat

Situated near the Biraja Temple, Dasvamedha Ghat located on the banks of Baitarani is a sacred place. According to folklore it is believed pilgrims performing salvation ritual of their ancestors at the site ensures salvation of the departed soul. According to Hindu mythology the reincarnation of the soul can be broken if the salvation ritual is performed thus ensuring the departed soul rests forever in peace.

Daswamedha Ghaat played a significant role in the cultural synthesis of Odisha. During the 10th century AD King Jajati Kesari performed Aswamedha Yagna (Where the king after performing puja, lets loose the royal horse, if the horse roams neighbouring kingdoms unopposed, those kingdoms come under the reign of the King) at the Daswamedha Ghaat. For the ritual he invited ten thousand Brahmins from the region Kannauj in present day Uttar Pradesh. The Brahmins after the completion of the ritual stayed back in Odisha under royal patronage contributing to the brahminical influence in the cultural canvas of Odisha.



As the Baitarani meanders through, the Ghat is dotted with small temples, the most striking being the temple of the Saptamatrika’s. The narrow side entrance leads to the sanctum where the vivacious Saptamatrika’s are consecrated one after the other.

The other interesting thing about the small temples at the Daswamedha Ghat is the temple having the iconography of the demon King Ravana & other interesting relics which reminds us of the glory of a bygone era.




Overall the experience at the Ghat is a very uplifting and high on spiritual quotient.

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