Ashokan Rock Edicts, Bhubaneswar



About the Edicts

After the Kalinga War- Chanda Ashok turned Dharma Ashok. He initiated several schemes to usher in welfare and harmony amongst his people.The Rock Edicts was one of the several initiatives undertaken by Ashoka to underline the standard code of conduct for the government administrators while addressing the concerns of the common person.

The rock cut elephant above the edicts is one of the earliest Buddhist Sculpture’s of Odisha.

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In And Around Dhauli Hill

The small hillock of Dhauli is teeming with history, apart from the magnificent Shanti Stupa, it’s home to one of the earliest Buddhist sculpture in Odisha, The elephant on top of the Ashokan Rock Edicts located on the way up to the Stupa. There is a park with Ashok Stambh and Kalinga Nippon Monastery, built by the Kalinga-Nippon Sangh.

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