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Odisha Tour Guide has been undertaken solely to being forth the treasure trove of Odisha to the general public. As is the case with any human endeavour, this book is a result of the team work of many, some active participants and others while not directly involved but contribute nevertheless in creating the environment which allowed me to pen my thoughts. First, I would like to thank my parents – Mr. B.K.Palit and Mrs. Sabita Palit, my son – Master Ayog Palit, my wife- Ms. Mamata Palit, my sister – Ms. Nayantara Palit Kanungo, my brother in law- Mr. Kali Prasad Kanungo , my brother Mr Satyajeet Sinha and my entire family for supporting this venture of mine.

I would like express my heartfelt gratitude to Rani Saheba V. Sugyani Kumari Deo – the Queen of Khallikote for spending time and sharing her knowledge about the Ganjam district with me. Rani Saheba’s  passion to develop tourism in the region is very inspiring and the time spent listening to her , will be a cherished memory forever.

I would also like to convey my gratitude to:- Mrs. Rupali Bose for her unstinting support to this project. Mr. Danish Ahmed for his active role as an IT and Social Media consultant to this project. XBHP Bhubaneswar Team especially Mr. Anupam Behera and Sajal Sheth  for giving their valuable time along with inputs and photographs for this project. Mr. Debasis Sahoo – For sparing time from his schedule and being involved in all aspects for this project right from photographs to providing objective inputs on improving the website.

Mr. Arindam Palit and Ms. Neha Sudan for their inputs on the website and logo design.

Ms. Ishani Bharadwaj for designing the Logo.

Ms. Moushumi Ghoshroy for her inputs on the textile industry of Odisha.

Mr. Ranjan Bose stepped in at a critical time to design the book Odisha Tour Guide which will be launched later in the year.

Malus Technology has designed the website for the project.

The Simpleekare team starting with Mr. Lagna Parija and his team comprising of Mr. Jyotishman Sahoo and Mr. R.S. Debiprasad for taking out time to aid this project.

Ar. Ranjit Behera, Ar. Debarpita Mohapatra, Mr. Sabir Bux, Mr. Abanis Nayak, Mr. Sushant Choudhury, Ms. Sushmita Roy, Mr. Abhisek Mohanty, Ar. Subhrajit Rath, and Dr. Indraneel Ghose for sharing some of their photographs for this project.

Mrs. Ava Roy and Mr. Debasis Nayak for helping me with the translation of Poet Radhanath Ray’s gem Chilika.

Retd. Brig. Debarchan Palit, Mr. Kalyan Palit, Dr. Soumya Kanti Palit and Mr. Tapanjyoti Palit for their support to my venture. Special mention for Mr. Abhijit Dey, Mr. K. Shivakumar, Mr. Mridul Dwivedi, Mr. Bibhubrata Acharya, Mr. Anand Misra, Mr. Rishi Jain, Mr. Shakil Khan, Mr. V. Santosh Kumar, Mr. Swoyam Khandei, Mr. Aquil Mateen, Mr. Anand Gandhi  and Mr. Sayandeep Mohapatra for their support.

Last but not the least a special thanks to Ms. Vijaya Saran for being the ever present guiding light of my career.

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Odisha Tourguide Book

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