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xBhp Bhubaneswar – We are xBhp Bhubaneswar [Bbsr] Chapter from India’s east-coast. Our Bbsr chapter was formed way back in 2008. Xbhp is formed and owned by Sundeep Gajjar and the head-quarter is in New Delhi. We promote safe Biking & road safety so one has to always ride in sane way and abide by traffic rules. We also promote green environment, so a rider also has to be careful about littering. We have set out some strict rules and guidelines for the chapter which need to be followed by every member. Like a rider must ne 18+ with valid licence and paper, a rider must wear protective gear, as of now, we are a healthy group of 30+ riders.
We ride once a month and avoid summer & rainy season for safety issue. Over the last 2 years we have completed successfully more than 10 road trips & lots of weekend rides. We have covered almost 70% of Odisha. And by the end of this riding season which is March 2018 we will cover rest parts of Odisha.

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Bhubaneswar Heritage Walk – The Bhubaneswar Heritage Walk is an initiative to create awareness about the history and culture of Bhubaneswar . Created as a medium to highlight the grand architectural legacy of the city for both its citizens and tourists, the walk is free for anyone who registers. It will be conducted every Sunday morning. We take small groups of 20 participants across a 4 KM radius covering some of the gems of Kalinga Architectural style.

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