Rukuna Rath Jatra



About the Festival

The Rukuna Rath Jatra is held on the day of Ashokastami in the month of Chaitra (March/April) during the Basanti Puja and a day before the Ramnavami festival.
During the festival Lord Linagaraj visits the Mausimaa temple- The Rameswar Temple , as part of the ritual Chandrasekhar- the representative of Lord Lingaraj along with Rukmini and Basudev board the thirty five feet high chariot and begin their journey to Mausi Maa Temple aka Rameswar Temple amidst great pomp and show.
The deities remain at Mausi Maa temple for four days and on the fifth day, the deities are brought back to Lingaraj Temple.
The Rukuna Rath Jatra is also called Analeuta Yatra as the chariot never takes a U turn, it only heads straight, only the position of the deities are changed as per the customs.
Lakhs of devotees throng the Lingaraj Temple as well as the Mausi Maa temple to witness the spectacle.

In And Around Lingaraj Temple

Bhubaneswar is known as the City of Temples, the old town part is dotted with many beautiful temples which are reminiscent of a glorious past. The Lingaraj Temple being the epitome. We have jotted down a few of the famous temples that showcase the heritage of the state.

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