Popular Snacks of Odisha

Somu dahivada aloodum at Qila Padia, Cuttack


About the Snacks

Dahibara Aloodum – The snack is a cult in itself in Cuttack and now all other cities of Odisha are developing a taste for it, but it just doesn’t taste as good as it taste’s in Cuttack. Dahibara Aloodum is to cuttackites what Vada Pav is to Maharastrians- be it breakfast, supper sometimes even lunch or dinner you can see people around a dahibara aloodum vendor all throughout the day.
For the uninitiated the dish comprises of Dahibara – is made from skinless Urad dal (black lentils) which is grinded and mixed with semolina, baking soda and salt to taste and deep fried in oil. The Dahi is actually very diluted curd which is mixed with a mixture of spices comprising of curry leaves, red chilies, cumin , salt and other spices according to taste and the Bara is dipped in it. The Ghuguni is the yellow peas curry and Aloodum is a spicy potato curry with a thick gravy. The ingredients are generally garnishes with coriander, onions, green chilies according to taste and sev and served.

Mudhi – Mudhi is puffed rice, is one of the favourite snacks amongst Odia’s particularly Eastern Odisha, where the combination of Mudhi with Mutton is as exceptional as its special. Otherwise Mudhi is mixed with sev, garnished with grated onions and green chilies. The Mudhi of Baripada has been bestowed with GI tag.

Chakuli Pitha– The dosa like pancakes is the other favourite amongst Odia’s. Be it festivals like Raja Parba or Laxmi Puja or just normal meals at home, Pitha is something that an Odia always relishes.
Chakuli Pitha– is made more black lentils which is grinded and made into a paste and just like Dosa the paste is spread in a frying pan. However there are many variants of Pitha in Odisha- some of them are:-
Manda Pitha – rice flour is mixed with grated coconut and jaggery/sugar filling or a fresh cottage cheese.
Arisa Pitha – Rice flour mixed with Jaggery or Sugar and deep fried.
Kakara Pitha– Wheat or semolina flour dough with sweet coconut filling.
Enduri Pitha– Known to have medicinal values, Enduri Pitha is basically made from black gram which is grinded and made into a dough and sometimes has a jaggery or coconut filling, its then boiled with turmeric leaves wrapped around it. Its specifically consumed during Prathamastami festival ( the festival where prayers are offered for a bright future of the eldest child of the family).
Poda Pitha – Literally meaning burnt pitha – made from fermented rice and black gram and finely chopped pieces of coconut and slow cooked. Its specialty of the Rajo festival.
Chitau Pitha – Made from rice flour, coconut, and milk and deep fried, it is often offered to Lord Jagannath.

Bara – made from a dough of skinless black lentils and deep fried. This snack is consumed on its own with salt according to taste or with yellow peas curry. It is a popular snack available at every nook and corner of the state with variations of split black gram or even rice flour.

Gupchup– Popularly called as Golgappa or Pani Puri in most parts of India. This road side delicacy of Odisha is a spicier and tangier version that it available in other parts of India.

In And Around Cuttack

The millennium city is a city of milestones in Odisha’s history. The Buddhist heritage sites and the beauty of the catchment areas of Mahanadi are its chief attractions.

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