Ramchandi Beach


Ramchandi Beach

Ramchandi is a picturesque beach located on the confluence of the river Kushabhadra and the Bay of Bengal. The beach is named after Goddess Ramchandi, the presiding deity of the Ramchandi Temple located near the beach. The beach is pristine and beautiful and one witnesses some stunning sunrise and sun set's here.

Things to do

The beach is mostly isolated and gradually slopes towards the sea, which means high tide's aren't formed- still we recommend in the absence of an expert swimmer don't venture into the sea.
When in a sea beach, a boat ride is a fantastic option to explore the nearby small islands and Ramchandi does offer that.
Kalinga Diver's Association have a cam site at Ramchandi beach- one can engage in water sports like snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Sailing and water scooters. They have trained personnel to assist you, so that the experience becomes memorable and thrilling for you.
Explore the beach for sea shells and Sea Foam- a white substance formed mostly during spring and summer due to the prolific reproduction of phyto plankton- a single celled plant.
Phyto plankton's grow rapidly depending on position of the sun, temperature and nutrients such as calcium, nitrogen etc and live in a hard shell formed of calcium or silica. after their life cycle is complete, billions of them die and the calcium skeletons congregate and remain glued together and are washed up to the shore
If you have pet birds these foams are rich source of protein and nutrients for your avian pets and they simply love them. They are also used for cleaning mirrors.


International Surf Festival

Konark Sand Art Festival

Ramchandi offers you ample options to stay and very good ones at that.

Lotus Eco Tourist resort -Run by the Kamat group of hotels as the name suggests – Lotus eco tourist resort just enhances the serene moments by the sea by a couple of notches.The ambiance of the resort and the cottages has been carefully crafted to give a rustic feel complete with cow dung pasted walls and thatched roof yet are fully air conditioned and have all the modern amenities. All the 19 cottages are carefully arranged to overlook the sea and look like they have drawn straight from the fairy tale books. The resort also has a vegetable garden, a butterfly breeding area and a lotus pond welcomes you to the reception area of the resort. There are also motor boats on hire for the tourist to take to seas and indulge in some thrill.

Check in time: - 11 am; Check out time: - 10 am
Mobile: -+91 90900 93464/+91 7377773003
Email: -fokonark@lotusresorthotels.com
Website: -www.lotusresorthotels.com

Where to Eat: -

The Kushabhadra restaurant at the resort offers a wide range of food to suite your palate. Our suggestion is to go for their sea food specialties.

Kalinga Drivers Foundation Trust –As the name suggests, if you are looking for an adventure by the sea vacation, this is the place to be. Apart from accommodation in tents, the property offers water sports facilities for its guests.The property has National Institute of Water Sports ( a training institute on water sports under the aegis of Government of India) certified personnel on duty for the safety of their guests, it’s a part of Odisha Tourism and they train Odisha Police personnel in quelling any attacks from the sea. Apart from the activities they offer sumptuous food for the guests including a barbecue at night.

Water sports facilities available-
Scuba Diving - Only in Dec & Jan
Wind Surfing
Contact Information
(M)-+91-9090176925/ 9861356484/7978072597
Email – kalingadivers@yahoo.com , sabirbux@gmail.com
Website – www.kalingadivers.com

Water Sports at Kalinga Diver's Association- Ramchandi

Rangers Adventure Foundation:- Located around 22 KM from Konark towards Puri along the marine drive, the foundation is the hub for surfers from all across the country and even from Israel, England, Australia. The property located right on the beach makes for an awesome weekend outing and if you add the thrill of surfing, then it just about makes for a perfect holiday with friends and family.

Water Sports :-
Contact Information
Email : surfingyogis@gmail.com



Nature camp Konark Retreat: - Located just 1 KM from Konark and 36 KM from Puri, along the Puri- Konark marine drive near the Ramchandi temple along the Kushabhadra river, the camp run with the help of the villagers of Khalakata Patna offers a very comfortable and relaxing stay. There are a host of activities that one can indulge in boating, angling or just walk along the water body and the beautifully maintained campus are some of them. They are also trying to promote rural tourism by organizing tours to the nearby villages for the guests. It’s a place where the children as well as the elders can both unwind and indulge in their favourite pastime.The camp offers internet connectivity through Wi-Fi though its chargeable.The camp serves authentic Odia cuisine served in a traditional manner.

Check in: 12 pm; Check out: 10 am
Phone: 09337505022 /08908621654
Email: tours@easternindiatours.com
Website: -www.naturecampindia.com


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In And Around Konark

The majestic Sun Temple just takes your breath away, hard to imagine what it would have been like, when it was made and had twenty two temples within its complex. Konark is like a ravishing beauty which engulfs you, if you are open to embrace it whole heartedly. We locate some of the places for you to enjoy your stay at Konark

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