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About the Puri Beach

Undoubtedly the most popular beach of Odisha partly owing to the presence of Lord Jagannath in the town, the Puri beach is one of the safest beaches in India where one can enjoy a leisurely bath in the sea.
Located at the heart of the town, the beach is hub of the town where people congregate through out the day save for the afternoon, where the sun kissed sands become too hot to for comfort. Despite people thronging the beach , it’s mostly clean, save for a few days on and after the Rath Yatra when crores of people come from all corners of India to experience the spectacle. The Puri Municipal Corporation deserves a special mention for the upkeep of the beach through out the year.
While the morning are spent frolicking in the waves of Bay of Bengal and enjoying a massage or a cup of tea along with snacks from the numerous vendor’s roaming on the beach, the evening’s are spent mostly on a leisurely stroll across the beach, or just sit and chit chat with family and friends or indulge in shopping from the beach market near Swargadwar or catch up on some sea food delicacy from the road side vendor’s. The beach see’s activity right from as early as 5 am right up till 10 pm at night.

Things to do

An early morning stroll or jog depending on your choice is highly recommended. The beach has a few crowds at 5 am and it is magical just to soak in the fresh air and witness the clear blue waves splashing the yellow sands of the beach.
After a cuppa of tea and massage at the beach if you like, do take the plunge into the waters of Bay of Bengal, to enjoy your bath safely and experiencing the thrill of negotiating the waves do enlist the help of a sea guard or “nulia” as they are locally known.
In the evening’s kids can enjoy the camel ride or horse ride in the beach, there is an evening market at the beach near Swargadwar selling toys and souvenir’s and the road side stalls prop up along the road selling popular Indian snacks to sea food.

Important Information

Though the beaches are safe for bathing , fatalities do happen- always wise to entrust a sea guard or “Nulia” as they are locally known while bathing in the sea.
Avoid bathing after sunset at any cost, as the beach experiences high tide’s
Avoid secluded areas of the beach at night.
Don’t fall for people trying to sell you pearl’s at the beach, despite whatever experiments they do to prove its real, THEY ARE ALL FALSE PEARLS.


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In And Around Puri

Apart from the famous Jagannath Temple, Puri has several other interesting sites worth visiting including Loknath Temple,Jameswar Temple, Bauli Matha, Puri Sea Beach,Balukhand Sanctuary,Raghurajpur,Brahmagiri and Satpada to name just a few.

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